'A" School Online

*Non-refundable in the case of self-cancellation.

Jesus lived in the presence of His Father’s love continuously. Everything that Jesus said and did was out of what He saw His Father said and did. Jesus as the Son of God is the very manifestation of the Father Himself. Jesus now invites us all into this living, loving, authentic relationship with His heavenly Father.

In this ‘A’ School, you will be introduced to the revelation of the Father’s love and entering into Sonship. Through revelatory prophetic insight and sound biblical teaching, you will be given keys to remove major blockages in receiving the Father’s love for you, and to discover your heart as a true son/daughter, just as Jesus had a heart of son to His Father.

Some of the topics you will be receiving are: Centrality of the Heart, Heart Forgiveness, Heart of Sonship, Biblical Revelation of the Father, The Orphan Spirit, God our Real Father, The Motherheart of God, Witnessing the Power of Sonship and more.

The ‘A’ School is designed in such a way that each topic becomes the building block for the other. Therefore, it is ESSENTIAL and NECESSARY for you to attend and participate in ALL the sessions. Not to skip sessions or pick what you want to listen as we want to impart the FULL PERSPECTIVE of this revelation.

‘The revelation of the love of the Father.’
‘The heart of sonship.’

– Fatherheart Ministries Core Revelation –