Online 'A' School Singapore

Experiencing the Father’s Love


300 People


20-25th June 2022


Fatherheart Team

What to Expect

An ‘A’ school is an extended environment for you to encounter, experience and dwell in a revelation of the love of the Father. A place to find the “Glorious freedom of the sons of God”. A time to come home to the place that Jesus has prepared for you. Where you find you are accepted and that you belong. To discover that His strength is perfected in your weakness. And a place to find true rest.

Key & Guest Speakers

Shireen Lai and Frank Naea are the key speakers who will lead and deliver the revelation and ministry during the online ‘A’ school. James and Denise Jordan, co-founders of Fatherheart Ministries, will be guest speakers for a special session during the ‘A’ school.

Frank Nhea

Frank Naea

Key Speaker

Frank is New Zealand born of Maori/Samoan descent. He is married to Sonia, with two grown children Luke and Ruth. Frank has spent 25 years in YWAM and the last 10 years with Fatherheart Ministries in Taupo where he currently lives, leading and teaching schools.

Frank first encountered the Fatherheart of God in his DTS in YWAM and it has been the cornerstone of everything he has done since. 10 years ago Frank had a heart encounter with the revelation of God’s first love that has far exceeded his own Christianity. This has established an even deeper foundation of Father’s love and comfort in places and ways that Frank has never known before.

This is the life message of the ages and its time has always been, but is definitely coming again “in our time”.


Shireen Lai

Key Speaker

Shireen is based in Singapore, married to Francis Lai. Shireen and Francis first encountered and received the revelation of the Father’s love in July 2008 in Penang, Malaysia where James and Denise Jordan were preaching. This encounter has rocked Shireen’s world inside-up and upside-down as she has been experiencing Father’s love for her since.

Shireen is one of the team leaders of Fatherheart Ministries and a speaker in Fatherheart conferences and schools in Asian nations. James and Denise Jordan have ‘fathered’ and ‘mothered’ Shireen in this revelation of love, and initiated her into her speaking and leading role in this ministry. Shireen’s heart is to see this revelation of Father’s love become a tsunami wave in all spheres of society (the 7 mountains of influence) and across all streams in the nations.

James and Denise Jordan

Guest Speakers

James and Denise Jordan are Co-Founders of Fatherheart Ministries International. They live in Taupo, New Zealand, have three children and five grandchildren. They operate a prophetic ministry, speaking a Word that has been given to them, walking as Jesus did in the love of the Father as sons and daughters.


Their ministry began in 1970s and includes pastoring two churches, Christian rehabilitation work, Bible School lecturers and itinerant speakers, and ministers throughout 40 years and beyond. In 1997, together with their spiritual father, Jack and Dorothy Winter, they formed Fatherheart Ministries International.


They have ministered in over 60 nations, circumnavigated the globe 47 times and raised up 16 Fatherheart global teams. Together with them, Fatherheart Ministries have conducted more than 50 one-week long A and B schools yearly in 6 continents.

SonShip-A Journey into Father's Heart

As part of the fees, you will receive “SONSHIP” e-book by James Jordan and audio recordings of all the ‘A’ school sessions.

“This is a revolutionary school. I experienced a great spiritual “shock”. The message is like a long awaited rain to a drought. For 35 years I have served the Lord. I ran, served, pastored, taught, and even suffered for the sake of the Gospel. All of these have caused me to be physically and mentally exhausted, overwhelmed by loneliness and frustration.

In this ‘A’ school I felt the love of the Father, a deeper love which I never felt before. I felt a huge torrent of love flowing over my whole body. 

After I came back from the school, my life is never the same again. Stress, frustrations and burden just fell off me. I begin to freely enjoy my life with joy. Our theme of family’s altar is now changed to heavenly Father’s love’s altar. Attending the ‘A’ school changes me, my family, my church and the group of churches under my supervision. I am very grateful and happy.” – Pastor X, China


Additional Information

Follow-up Blueprint

A follow-up blueprint focusing on the 9 core topics has been developed for apostolic leaders, pastors, facilitators and leaders of community networks who want to see this revelation of the Father’s love and that of Sonship penetrate the ones they lead.

The blueprint will facilitate one-on-one or small group discussion (3-5 persons) follow-up. For those who are interested in the follow-up blueprint after the A school, you can email and contact David Ang at


All content of the ‘A’ school is copyrighted under Fatherheart Ministries. Therefore, we ask you to kindly respect and honor the ‘A’ school zoom sessions by NOT RECORDING any of the sessions.


‘The revelation of the love of the Father.’
‘The heart of sonship.’

– Fatherheart Ministries Core Revelation –