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New Wine for New Wineskin

A word from the team

The pandemic has brought about the necessity for change globally. So it is with God and us. The Holy Spirit is orchestrating fresh outpouring ushering a new era. New eyes to see, renewed hearts to perceive and new ways to receive.

As Denise Jordan, our spiritual mother in this revelation and the co-founder of Fatherheart Ministries often says “We have not come this way before. Try it. Explore it. It might just be God.”

After much prayer and contemplation, the Lord confirmed in our hearts “This is new wine for new wineskin”.

In this spirit, we bring you the inaugural Fatherheart ‘A’ School fully online.

Without walls, without borders, without physical structure. Face-to-face where together in the participation of Trinitarian love, we speak into your hearts right in the warmth of your homes.

We invite you to join with us in this journey of discovery and encounter.

“New eyes to see, renewed hearts to perceive and new ways to receive.”

‘The revelation of the love of the Father.’
‘The heart of sonship.’

– Fatherheart Ministries Core Revelation –